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Russian for foreigners

Dear learners of Russian,

the educational agency Little dream offers a unique opportunity to have your Russian language skills assessed. Before classes begin, all international students are required to take an entrance test. Students are enrolled in courses based on their test results.

The course is offered to students with different levels of Russian: 
Elementary (A1 – A2), Pre-intermediate (B1), Intermediate (B2), Upper-intermediate (C1), Advanced (C2)

Are you learning the basics of the Russian language for you next holiday? Perhaps you looking for a head start before studying or working in Russia? Or do you wish to become a fluent Russian speaker? There are many reasons people love to learn Russian. It is one of the world’s most rich and expressive languages. Regardless of the reason let us assure you that it is worth the effort. We have everything you need to get started learning right here.

We hope you enjoy learning Russian. What are you waiting for? Start learning Russian now!


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